Enrollment Information

The Application MUST be completed in order to be considered for enrollment. There are no exceptions.

You’re making a personal decision to enroll your child(ren) at Seacoast Charter Academy in order to provide your child with a unique educational opportunity. Students will be considered for admission without regard to ethnicity, national origin, gender, or disability.  Your desire and decision to enroll your child at Seacoast Charter Academy is based upon your desire to become an active partner in the education of your child. Please recognize that Seacoast Charter Academy is a public charter school of choice, not an entitlement. Therefore, the Parent Engagement Contract is required to be signed and submitted as well.

Controlled Open Enrollment Controlled Open Enrollment allows a parent from any school district in the state to enroll his or her child in and transport his or her child to any public school, including charter schools, that has not reached capacity. For more information, please read our Enrollment Procedures and FL DOE’s website.
  • School Capacity for K-5: 580

School Registration Under Florida Law:

  • A child must have successfully completed kindergarten in order to be eligible for first grade.
  • Children may enter kindergarten if they will be five years old on or before September 1st.
  • Children may enter first grade if they will be six years old on or before September 1st, and have successfully completed kindergarten.
  • All children who will be six years old by February 1st must attend school.
  • All children must attend school until they reach the age of 16.
  • This is Florida law and there are no exceptions.