Mission and Vision

The mission of Seacoast is to provide a student-centered education, focusing on the whole child. We want our students to develop a true love for learning by creating a positive learning environment with innovative technology and high-quality education focused on an arts integrated, hands-on curriculum with the overall goal of giving our elementary students a lifetime appreciation of learning and the development of their unique talents and abilities.

Our vision is to be a light in the Arlington community partnering with area business, parents, and teachers to give our students a lifetime appreciation for learning. In order to do this we must do the following:

  • We believe that parents are the first and primary teachers. They are responsible for their children’s basic needs and values.
  • We must provide a safe, positive, organized setting with clearly defined behavior expectations. When a school climate is safe, and content is highly challenging, accelerated learning takes place.
  • We will incorporate an effective character education program that will enhance the academic program.
  • We will give our students the knowledge and application of current technology to prepare our students for tomorrow’s world.